The CN Tower.
On the way to Gatwick it was bucketing it down with rain - tears of sadness that we are leaving  Ty reckons in his usual cheeky manner, Aww thanks England, probably not, but we are going to miss you too! 

Checking my facebook status I see the following quote on a friends wall...

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain

Perfect quote for a day like today!

We get to the airport, check in and wander leisurely on through to pick up the currency we ordered online, when all of a sudden Oh F**k - I cant find my eftpos card. Where could it be??? We both think back and realise the last time I used it was last night, on the couch in the lounge to order our final photo-book. A few texts to our flatmate Steph later and its found...down the back of the sofa under a cushion. bugger!! Thank goodness for Internet Banking, and the friendly lady at the Virgin Atlantic lounge who let me use their  internet to transfer money to Ty's account or the situation would have been less than ideal since all the money was in my account.and my credit card was in my checked luggage! Doh!

During our journey we flew over the snow capped peaks of Greenland which looked a surprisingly lot like sand dunes from the air.  Sitting on the runway and the clouds parted giving us one final sunny view across the English countryside as we took off. During our journey we flew over the snow capped peaks of Greenland which looked a surprisingly lot like sand dunes from the air. 57,367 km and 7.5 hours later we landed in Toronto. Our first impression is its so flat! 

Negotiating the Toronto public transport system was pretty straight-forward until uh-oh, another Fail! In the midst of the 1000 other things to sort out I didn't print out the map for the street we are staying in, and despite it being literally one block away from where we get off the street car, none of the locals or shop workers seem to know where it is. We eventually make our way the long way round to what should have been a 2 minute walk and are warmly welcomed by our fabulous couch surfing hosts, Marlon and Kerry. This is our first couch surfing experience and we are a little nervous about it but thankfully there's not an axe-murderer in site! Marlon has just got back from a trip to visit his family in Jamaica and he makes us feel at home right away by feeding us some Jamaican punch and regional delicacies using his mommas special herbs and spices - delicious! 

Falls, what falls?
where are they?
oh wait....there they are! (kind of)
Off to bed early to get over the jetlag and then we are up and ready to go exploring the next day, Fortunately for our wallets Toronto was covered in a thick blanket of fog which meant a trip up the (extortionately priced) CN Tower was out of the question, Fourty dollars per person - you've got to be kidding! Unfortunately for us instead of lifting the fog seemingly intensified on day three meaning our day trip to Niagara Falls was somewhat less than spectacular with Ty having to settle for fleeting glimpses of the torrent of water and use his imagination to put them all together. We should be grateful though - our local guide keeps saying its so warm this year (read: -2 degrees) - its normally -20 this time of year. The downside is torrential rain instead of snow but ah well, its all part of the experience! 

Off to the USA tomorrow, after our application went AWOL last week lets hope they let us in!


dianne collier-brake
02/02/2013 6:48pm

Hi you two I have just thoroughly enjoyed reading about your home ward bound journey thus far. I am not sure if you are planning on visiting the" big apple" Errol and I were there in Oct with Sarah and Brent, quite a fantastic place not that I would want to live there.NZ is going to seem so small and so few people in comparison to the places you have and will visit. I will look forward to more episodes of your adventures. Fondest love Di

02/03/2013 7:32am

Hey Dianne, thanks :) we are glad you enjoyed reading it! Yep we are off to New York tomorrow - I'm really excited to show Ty around and see how much its changed since I was there last. I think all our adventures will just make us appreciate NZ for what we have there and we are really looking forward to seeing all our friends and family again :)


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