Wandering around Toronto we kept seeing signs for a mysterious Pputine' dish. We finally remembered to ask someone what it was and our tour guide said it was "so good but make sure you only have one portion between you ok, its not good for the hips!'... but where should we venture to try this dish? 'Wendy's does it' he answers. Niagara Falls is peeing down with rain, we are drenched to the bone, and we are hungry. Wendy's it is!

Putine channels UK fish in chips in that it is soggy chips, covered in gravy, and topped with cheese curd. But why??? What is wrong with good old tomatoe sauce?

Mr Wendy, the man with the lisp who used to live over my sisters back fence, should be ashamed of his chain! Not only was Putine a soggy pile of yuck, but his burgers were a poor excuse for a meal. 

No thanks!