Crawfish is basically like a tiger prawn crossed with a more solid head like a lobster but since we ate it at the start of the season they were much smaller as well. A crawfish boil is a typical Louisiana dish and is usually done in a large pot  fitted with a strainer and lots of seasonings including cayenne pepper, hot sauce, salt, lemons and bay leaves. Ears of corn, new potatoes, onions, and heads of garlic are usually included and some people will add smoked sausage links or mushrooms but ours was just pure crawfish, corn and potatoes. They are pretty fiddly to eat but the spices tasted so good! 
Josh showing us how its done
all gone! nom nom nom
No trip to Philadelphia is complete without stopping by Tony Luke's. This guys’ restaurant is one of the most famous in Philly for their cheesesteaks. Essentially just shaved meat and cheese on a roll, Philly has made a name for itself with these sandwiches’ and one of the walls at Tony Luke’s has photos of celebrities like Will Smith and Paula Abdul who eat at their joint. We ordered ours with onion and roasted peppers and were given the option of provolone (ie proper cheese) or cheese wizz. Um, provolone please! Ty was excited to see that Man vs Food have visited the place, but with the challenge being 6 cheesesteaks in less than an hour, and us splitting just one, we decide we aren’t quite M vs F potential today. A cheesesteak is basically a little bit smaller than a footlong subway. Crazily, the current record stands at 10 minutes!!
The legend
Tony Luke's
Digging in!
Not good for my gluten intolerance, but i dont care!
The worlds best pizza is supposedly made in Naples. The best place in Naples is up for debate but some of them are more popular than others with hour long queues often found. Our experience there was delicious. We stuffed ourselves silly with beautiful Margarita pizza. However New York pizza holds a special place in my heart and id even go as far as saying it rivals all other pizza that I've eaten! Freshly made dough stretched to just the right thickness, meter wide, covered with rich tomatoe sauce and lathered in gooey stretchy cheese - So simple; so delicious! 

Boston is known for its seafood. Shops abound around town selling clam chowder and lobster rolls but the best place in town to have them (according to our friends Hanni and Dan) is Neptunes Oyster Bar in Little Italy. We went here specifically to try their melt in the mouth, piled high, lobster roll smothered in melted butter which was devine! But although It might be a little controversial it was actually the potatoe pancake with smoked trout and caviar that stole the day for me! (sorry no photo we ate it too fast!)

Chowing down!
Ty outside Neptunes
The best bites is a line up of the most deliciously delectable foods that we come across on our travels, but I get the feeling that there are going to be times when things are Oh So Wrong but still need sharing so we've added a new section for those meals that just shouldnt happen but do!
    About the Best Bites

    Christina's mum is a chef and Ty's mum an avid fan of home cooking so its somewhat inevitable that we both grew up with a passion for food. 

    We love to eat, and think there's nothing better than finding a new delicacy, made with fresh ingredients, that we can take home to spice up our recipe book. The Best Bites will be full of the tantalising and tasty dishes we find along the way.


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