I always wanted to travel, do my OE, live in England - but I always knew that i would return home; funny that my brain never made the connection that to do one would mean leaving the other. Depsite being so happy to be heading home I find myself in tears handing my resignation in. 

Weve done a fair bit of reminiscing over the last few weeks since we made it official that we were heading back to the Land of the Long White Cloud...."Remember when..." our sentences have been starting with. Life in England has had its certain amount of challenges... "Its all part of the experience" becoming our mantra, being routinely chanted in my ear by Tyro as yet another thing didnt quite go according to plan. But just as every cloud has a silver lining every action on our travels, either good or bad, has led to some amazing experiences. If Tyro's promised job working on offshore windturbines had materialised we would never have run away to Europe and experienced life through the eyes of our wonderful Italian hosts or learnt to make chocolate in Southern France. I have this failed recruitment phase to thank for our awesome ability to stake tomatoes and Ty's dream of owning a menagerie of animals where I will be required to milk the goats to make cheese.

If our Moroccan trip had a few less bumps in the road we would have perhaps never met our Moroccan angels, or been 
privileged enough to be the only outsiders to attend a tribal date palm plantation wedding on the day the bride was presented to the grooms family. 

We will leave the UK with a taste for European food (oh how I worry for my bank account when I get home, mozzerella is definitely not 40p in NZ!), an appreciation of European art and culture and an understanding of where I have come from (Grandad's not grumpy and blunt - he's just a Yorkshireman!)

We have learnt too about the less savory side of human nature, and it has rocked me to my core. How society allowed certain atrocities to occur is beyond me and yet I worry that perhaps history will repeat itself. I hope I am strong enough to speak out against it if so.

Ok so it turns out we aren't so cut out for life as a Geordie, or as one of those 'Southerners' those from North curse about. Turns out we are pretty proud to be kiwis and looking forward to being back in good ol' Aotearoa .... few stops to make along the way first tho...


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